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La Verita Dance Company (Belgium) is not characterized as a particular kind of spectacle. It has its own identity. Every dance piece is a new journey, a new creation, a new world waiting to be explored.

Founded in 2011 by Alex Kyriakoulis and Natasa Frantzi, La Verita is a contemporary dance company driven by the desire to investigate and expand the current dance language and performance aspects. Its aim is not to present or suggest a particular kind of spectacle but rather to approach a broad spectrum of ideas, each one as a new world to be explored through the dancing body on stage.

In 2015 with the creation "Behind the body" they were awarded with the 1st prize as the best upcoming choreographers in the competition "Les lendemains qui dansent" in France. In 2014 they were part of the “Berner Tanzpreise” in Switzerland and selected for the finals of "No ballet" competition in Germany and "Machol Shalem" in Israel as well.

Their creations were presented in numerous theaters and festivals worldwide such as Korea, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Czech, Italy, Spain, Greece and Cyprus.

La Verita Dance Company has the  support of  Le Bateau Feu / Scène nationale Dunkerque (FR), Centre Culturel d’Agglomération Daniel Balavoine (FR), Choreographische Centrum Heidelberg (DE).




ERIC VAN TICHEL - Photography

MARTIN BABIC- Photography

GUNTER KRAMMER - Photography

DIMITRI RYELANDT - Technical Assistant


ARNE LIEVENS - Lights Design


LE BATEAU FEU / Scène Nationale Dunkerque (FR)




















Concept/Choreography: Natasa Frantzi, Alex Kyriakoulis

Performers: Anne Laure Dogot, Marcia Liu, Irini Tzanetoulakou, Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa


Music: Chris Christoffels & José Roland, Phillipe Ledent/ARTONAUT at studio THINKNTALK

Lights Design: Arne Lievens

Costumes: Jean-Paul Knott

Technical Assistant: Dimitri Reylandt

Photographer: Eric Van Tichel

Video: True Blue Vzw  

Press Contact: Arthur Deligne

Production: La Verita Dance Company (BE)

Co-production : Le Bateau Feu / Scène Nationale Dunkerque (FR),

La Barcarolle Centre Culturel (FR), Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg (DE).

With the support: Studio Hybrid – Bud Blumenthal (BE), Studio THINKNTALK (BE)

This is a piece coming out of today’s reality. Curriculum Vitae describes the journey of a group of people who have to leave, or choose to leave their own country, for whatever reason. This process happens through three different levels: preparation, travel and arrival.


Preparation in this discourse is to be understood physically as well as mentally. What is in their minds at that time? What can they do with their fears? And how can they escape from them? On the moment they do the next step, what is meaningful and what is meaningless? The travel is about to begin. There is this luggage, heavy with memories, light from the unknown tomorrow.

Moving from one country to another can change a life, and essentially, change a person. Sacrifice is a necessary evil. Is that something of yourself that existed or rather a feeling that was hidden deep inside of you? Denial comes first, then follow contrasts and false expectations.

You arrived… and now what? An unreal scenery, the new place is like all other places. Taking this decision for your own self, guilt is an inevitable companion along the way. What are the repercussions on the environment left behind? Is that a betrayal to the previous life?

You have become the audience of your own movie, watching every expectation land roughly on the earth. Somehow you need a clean sweep, a “catharsis”. You have to build again from the beginning. To transform liability into stability, demands calmness. You are now reborn.
How does a man, who already had a family, adjust to this new situation? How does a

woman, who already had a carrier, appropriates these new mentalities? Not why, but how do people digest the “new”?


What can be hidden behind a body? When the wrapping comes off and the naked truth is revealed, is that enough to transfer its message? In the art of dance, without specific lighting, without music, without expression, can the body transfer the truth on its own? "Behind the Body" uses elements from the simplicity of minimalism and brings them face to face with the complexity of movement. This thought is the reason for starting a kinetic research based on the basic principles of choreography through contemporary dancing.   From nothing to plenty, from plenty to nothing, a piece of art, a comment on Today that allows the spectator to freely create his/her own stories from two bodies that are struggling to talk.

With this piece La Verita started a minimalist movement research, exploring the limits of what a single body can possibly say. Inspired by the current methods in contemporary dance, and the lack of pure movement, “Behind the body”questions if there is a dance language that we can still speak with.

Concept: La Verita Dance Company

Choreography: Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi

Dancers: Natasa Frantzi, Alex Kyriakoulis

Music: Karina Rubi

Production: La Verita Dance Company

With the support: CC De Kollebloem (BE)

 * FIRST PRIZE ‘Les lndemains qui dansent’, Balavoine (France - 2015)


‘Berner Tanz Preise’  Konzert Theater Bern Switzerland - 2014) / ‘No Ballet’ Choreographic Competition, Theater im Pflazbau Ludwigshafen (Germany - 2013) / Machol Shalem’ International Choreographic Competition Jerusalem(Israel - 2013)


"It is what a man thinks of himself that really determines his fate."The above quotation by Henry David Thoreau, triggered La Verita Dance Company to create its recent production from Greek Mythology and specifically the myth of Narcissus. It is a myth with one main character but with many hidden protagonists. This myth that takes us back into the past, brings us even closer to our present time. Therefore, after an extenstive study of the myth, the re-enactment of the story in present time, results in the intertwining of four roles: Narcissus ,Echo, the dog and the lake.

Narcissus, a very handsome young man. He fell in love with his reflection upon a lake. He drowned trying to touch it.Echo, a nymph. She was cursed to repeat other people's last words. She fell in love with Narcissus and followed him silently. The Dog. Narcissus's best friend. It escorted him during his wanderings in the forests. It was always next to him. The Lake. Lake fell in love with her own image as seen through Narcissus's eyes. When Narcissus drowned, Lake transformed into a lake of tears because she would never be able to see her own beauty again.

Concept: La Verita Dance Company

Choreography: Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi

Dancers: Natasa Frantzi, Alex Kyriakoulis

Music: Karina Rubi

Costumes:Evgenia Sassalou

With the support: Carthango Delenda Est (BE)


11.10.2017 Laken Church, Belgium - Chanson De Fou

06.10.2017 Sint Niklaas Church, Belgium - Chanson De Fou

30.09.2017 St.Amands Church, Belgium - Chanson De Fou

17.03.2017 Salle Dany Boon Bray-Dunes, France - Curriculum Vitae

03.02.2017 La Barcarolle Centre Culturel, France - Curriculum Vitae

28.10.2016 La Barcarolle Centre Culturel, France - Curriculum Vitae (work in progress)

21.09.2016 Breathing Space / Graig Bourgoyne, Arques France

31.05.2016 Studio L'avant-scène,Théâtre Le Bateau Feu, France- Curriculum Vitae (work in progress)

29.04.2016 25th International Dance Week Dresden, Germany - “Behind the body”

28.04.2016 25th International Dance Week Dresden, Germany - “Behind the body”

17.11.2015 Centre Culturel Balavoine, France - “Behind the body”

10.10.2015 Perform-now Festival Winterthur, Switzerland - “Behind the body”

09.10.2015 Perform-now Festival Winterthur, Switzerland - “Behind the body”

29.09.2015 Feria Internacional De Teatro Y Danza Huesca, Spain - “Behind the body”

26.09.2015 Sperimentale Theatre Pesaro “Essere Creativo 2015”, Italy - “Behind the body”

04.07.2015 Festival des jeunes chorégraphes Voreppe, France - “Behind the body”

02.07.2015  Theaterhaus Tor 6 - Tanzfestival Bielefeld, Germany - “Behind the body”

29.04.2015 Centre Culturel Balavoine, France - “Behind the body”

07.10.2014 Mary Hall Seoul, Korea - “Behind the body”

27.07.2014 Artort14 Heidelberg, Germany - “Behind the body”

26.07.2014 Artort14 Heidelberg, Germany - “Behind the body”

28.06.2014 Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg, Germany - “Behind the body”

08.06.2014 Tanzart-Ostwest Festival, Giessen, Germany - “Behind the body”

03.06.2014 Trois C-L, Luxembourg - “Behind the body”

23.05.2014 Tanz Platform Bern, Switzerland - “Behind the body”

22.05.2014 Tanz Platform Bern, Switzerland - “Behind the body”

28.11.2013 MSDH Jerusalem, Israel - “Behind the body”

07.11.2013 Theater im Pfalzbau (No Ballet) Ludwigshafen, Germany - “Behind the body”

31.10.2013 Theater am gleis Winterthur, Switzerland - “Behind the body”

13.10.2013 Dance Waves festival 2013, Cyprus - “Zero”

10.10.2013 La Becque'e Festival Europeen Brest, France - “Behind the body”

05.10.2013 CC De Kollebloem, Puurs, Belgium - “Behind the body”

12.06.2013 Festival Mais Où Va-T-On? Flechin, France - “Behind the body”

19.05.2013 Tanzart-Ostwest Festival, Giessen, Germany - “Behind the body”

03.11.2012 CC De Kollebloem, Puurs, Belgium - “Zero”

04.08.2012 Pro art Festival, Prague, Czech - “Behind the body”

25.05.2012 Tanzart-Ostwest Festival, Giessen, Germany - “Behind the body”

18.03.2012 Dimance Rouge, Paris, France - “Zero”

03.02.2012 Trois C-L, Luxembourg - “Zero”

30.07.2011 Pro Art Festival, Prague, Czech - “Zero”

13.06.2011 Tanzart-Ostwest Festival, Giessen, Germany - “Zero”



Koen Augustijnen, Les ballets C de la B (BE) - Berner Tanzpreisse

‘With “Behind the Body” Natasa Frantzi and Alex Kyriakoulis performed one of the most consistent dance work. Both dancers are technically high skilled and use their dance qualities in an intelligent and sometimes humorous way. With a minimum of music and light they let in the first place speak the moving and dancing body’.

Raphael Ebler/Redaktion MRN-News (DE)

‘Im Anschluss brannte die Leidenschaft des Duos La verita dance auf das Publikum über, tosender Applaus war auch hier die Folge’.

Festival La Becquée, Brest (FR)

“Un superbe duo belge de la Verita Dance Company, tout en finesse, épuré et abouti’.

Dagmar Klein, Tanznetz (DE)

‘Das griechisch-belgische Duo La Verita Dance aus Brüssel, das mit “Behind the body” wieder ein beeindruckendes Zusammenspiel zeigte. Ihr Tanzstil entwickelt sich aus alltäglichen Bewegungsabläufen, die in erstaunliche Sprung- und Hebefiguren münden, und das alles mit einer geschmeidig kraftvollen Leichtigkeit’.

Mathieu Schellenberger, 3 du Trois (LU)

‘Si les présentations transversales sont intéressantes, le clou de la soirée s’intitule La Verita dance compagnie....Bien qu’elle soit encore en construction, la représentation promet déjà à son aboutissement un projet artistique à ne pas manquer’.



Contact improvisation "Savoir vivre d'un danseur"

Working with the 3 different levels in the space, starting with the floor as a partner, understanding the nature movement and the organic reactions of the body. To be able to understand and respect the personal needs of the body, hear them and move with them. Basic technical rules of contact improvisation push-pull, support-supported, connect-disconnect, offer-accept, are some of them that we work with. These are our "weapons" for the development of the class. First level: be patient to listen to yourself. Second level: to find the way to listen to the other. A psychocinetic process. From the moment that we take our egos out, we can co-exist with the other(s) and that is where the joy of “being together” comes from. Where we can found the value of momentum and how we can take that as an advantage on a duet. How we create a story, using only spacing and timing. "Savoir vivre d'un danseur" is a process that passes from the pure technique of contact improvisation, to the composition procedure and finally to an ending jam perfomance.

Contemporary technique with Alex Kyriakoulis

Warming up with floor exercises, exploring the power of the gravity in search of how we can use it later. Starting with micro movements to wake up the body, we continue searching the relation between floor and dancer, action and reaction with minimum muscular effort, reaching the maximum dynamic energy. The class continues with the standing position working with the coordination between arms and spirals. How we drop on the floor and how we recover without letting the force of the gravity swallow the movement. The class insists on letting the student understand the abilities that the body has and use them in the best possible way, in order to achieve an organic movement. Strength comes from the center of the body, letting it free and able to express itself by dancing.

Contemporary technique with Natasa Frantzi

The class starts with basic exercises coming from a variety of contemporary dance techniques such as personal movements also, to warm up and put the body in a dancing situation .In the beginning we open our limbs, using breathings, stretching and flexibility, in order to deal with a non limit body language. We use all the rules so we can be able to break them later. Musicality provokes the quality of the movement and the quality comes from the technique. This chain is the main goal to achieve. The student has the opportunity to realize that everything is connected and this experience comes as a result from the total collaboration between body and mind. Dance is a language. To be able to speak you have to use the necessary words and that is the main idea. We learn how to speak, with dancing phrases. Keeping the fundamental structure of a typical class, we come in contact with the personal vocabulary of the teacher which is a research inspired by non-formalistic movement. "Always go back to the basics when you want to start progressing". That is the motto.


La Verita Dance Company

Alex Kyriakoulis / Natasa Frantzi

Bruxelles, Belgium

M: info at laveritadance dot com

T: +32 479669716

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