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La Verita Dance Company (Belgium) is not characterized as a particular kind of spectacle. It has its own identity. Every dance piece is a new journey, a new creation, a new world waiting to be explored.


Founded in 2011 by Alex Kyriakoulis and Natasa Frantzi, La Verita is a contemporary dance company, created from the need to explore new ways and new limits of performing. In 2015 with the creation "Behind the body" they were awarded with the 1st prize as the best upcoming choreographers in the competition "Les lendemains qui dansent" in France. In 2014 they were part of the “Berner Tanzpreise” in Switzerland and selected for the finals of "No ballet" competition in Germany and "Machol Shalem" in Israel as well.

Their creations were presented in numerous theaters and festivals worldwide such as Korea, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Czech and Cyprus.   

La Verita Dance Company has the  support of Choreographisches Centrum of Heidelberg (Germany).













Natasa Frantzi (1980) graduated with distinctions from Greek National School of dance. As member of Hellenic Dance Company, she worked with Wim Vandekeybus, Martin Lawrence and Richarld Alston. She danced with Unterwegstheater in Germany and several Greek dance companies (Wrong movement, Dancers, Amalgama). She is presently collaborating with the American choreographer Bud Blumenthal (Compagnie Hybrid) in Belgium.   



Alex Kyriakoulis (1980) graduated from the Economic&Marketing University (GR) and the same time he was attending classes of acting and directing at the Drama School "The theater of changes" were he graduated in 2002. Then he studied dance in Greek National School of Dance and Rallou Manou Professional Dance School. As a dancer, he collaborated with many companies in Greece, Belgium and Germany.

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La Verita Danse Compagnie n’est pas caracterisée comme un genre de spectacle spécifique. Elle a sa même identité. Chaque danse pièce est un nouveau voyage, une nouvelle création,un nouveau monde prêt pour exploration.


Fondée en 2011 par Alex Kyriakoulis et Natasa Frantzi, basée en Belgique , La Verita est une compagnie de danse contemporaine, créé par l'envie de trouver des nouveaux manières et limites de se performer. En 2015 avec  le pièce "Behind the body" La Verita a gagnée le premier prix pour jeunes choreographes  au concours "Le lendemains qui dansent " en France. En 2014 a été  partie de "Berner Tanzpreise" en Swisse et aussi sélectionnée pour les finales de concours "No Ballet" en Allemagne et "Machol Shalem " en  Israel.

Ses productions ont été présentées sur plusieurs scènes mondiales comme : Korée, Allemagne, Luxembourg, Belgique, France, Suisse, Israël, Tchèquie, Grèce et Chypre.

La Verita Danse Compagnie est supportée par Choreographisches Centrum of Heidelberg (Allemagne).