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"La Verita Dance Company is not characterized as a particular kind of spectacle. It has its own identity. Every dance piece is a new journey, a new creation, a new world waiting to be explored"

La Verita dance company was founded by Natasa Frantzi (1980,Gr ) and Alex Kyriakoulis (1980,Gr) in 2011 in Brussels. After her dance studies in the National State School of dance in Athens (2002) Natasa started her career as a contemporary dancer in several companies in Greece. Alex began his studies in economic and marketing(1998) and simultaneously he was taking acting and directing classes at the "Theater of Changes" in Athens. Natasa was a main member of  the Wrong Movement Dance Company (2000-2005) and for the next 6 years she was developing her skills in contact improvisation technique . Alex performed as  a stand up comedian for 8 years as main host in the famous "Comedy Nights" in the center of Athens.  In 2007 Natasa started her collaboration with Unterwegs Theater in Heidelberg, Germany and Alex opened a new chapter in his life with dance and decided to study professionally at the Rallou Manou dance school .

They met each other in 2008, in a dance studio in Greece and slowly they started building the idea of La Verita dance company. After some successful appearances in Athens, they decided to establish the  dance company in Central Europe.

In 2011 they moved to Brussels having residence in Cathargo Delenda est, were they created their first duo "Zero"(2011). Without  any financial support  or sponsoring , they managed to present Zero in several festivals in Europe starting from Giessen -Germany in TanzArt Ostwest were they received elaborate reviews for their special body language that they used.  “Zero” has been presented at several festivals in the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Belgium.

As La Verita was still in the creation process, a second invitation from Tarek Assam,  director of the TanzArt  Ostwest festival, was the reason to start their next creation "Behind the body"(2012) which continues to appear at various festivals . ”Behind the body “was nominated 3 times in the final 8 best pieces at international choreographic competitions in Germany,Israel and Switzerland. La Verita received great reviews for their innovative proposal which brings to the contemporary dance scene, the mixture of the contemporary dance with contact improvisation . “Behind the body” has been selected among 150 European countries to represent Europe in Asia, at the Shanghai Contemporary Dance Gateway in November 2014.

La Verita is now in the process of a new creation CV(2013) a new piece for 7 dancers. This new piece has been performed as work in progress in Belgium and has been selected to be presented at the Choreographic Centrum of Heidelberg in the summer of 2014.