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La Verita Dance Company is not characterized as a particular kind of spectacle. It has its own identity. Every dance piece is a new journey, a new creation, a new world waiting to be explored.


Founded in 2011 by Alex Kyriakoulis and Natasa Frantzi, based in Belgium, La Verita is a contemporary dance company, created from the need to explore new ways and new limits of performing. The company’s production’s has been presented in several theaters and festivals worldwide: Korea, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Israel, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece.













Natasa Frantzi (1980) graduated in 2002 with distinctions from Greek National school of dance and started early her dance career while she was still studying. She was main company member for 6 years of "Wrong Movement dance company”, were she was dealing with contact improvisation, performing in several famous stages and festivals around Greece. While she was dancing with well-known Greek companies, during the same time she was giving master classes in contact improvisation and contemporary dance technique. In 2007 she went to Germany where she started her collaboration with Unterwegstheater for the next 3 years. In 2011 she decided to move in Belgium were she founded with Alex Kyriakoulis La Verita Dance Company.


Alex Kyriakoulis was born in Greece (1980). He studied Economics Sciences and during the same time he was also student of acting and directing at Drama School "The theater of changes" were he graduated in 2002. His carrier started as standup comedian actor for the next 8 years in the famous in the center of Athens. Meanwhile he started his professional dance education in Greek National School of dance and then he continued in Rallou Manou professional dance school, where he studied contemporary dance technique and choreography. He worked as a dancer with many dance companies in Greece and later in 2011 together with Natasa Frantzi he founded La Verita Dance Company in Belgium.