La Verità Dance Company

Ayant Deux Poles

Premiere: 03.11.2018

...The mind is lost on a raft to nowhere...

The piece investigates the physicality of the symptoms of a person that lives with bipolar disorder.

Two dancers interpretating a double faced person in his utmost extremely opposite mood. Oppositions, tension under the pressure, and unmanageable mood swings reflected in their bodies. Bringing on stage physically what this mental disorder feels like by putting movement to translate what the mind wants to say .

"a soul that careens like a boat that first sinks to the bottom of the ocean and then floats to the surface of the sea."

Choreography:  Alex Kyriakoulis


Boyana Boyadhzieva

Natasa Frantzi

With the support:

TROIS C-L Centre de Création

Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois

(B)  o      I      s      t      e      R      o      u      s (I)   r      r     a      t       I      o       N      a      l (P)  a     n     I       c (O) v     e     r  /  r       e     a      c       t     ive (L)  o­     w    S (A)  s     h     a     m     e     d (R)  o     l      l     e      r     c     o     a     s     ter (M) e    n      t    A      l (I)  m    p     U     l      s      I      v     e (N) o     n  / e    x       I      s      T    e    n     t (D) e     s     p    e     r       A       t    e La Verità Dance Company email us:  info at laveritadance dot com © La Verità ASBL. All rights reserved. Photo: Eric Van Tichel (unless otherwise stated) HOME   ABOUT US   PROJECTS   CALENDAR   CONTACT