La Verità Dance Company



FIRST PRIZE ‘Les lndemains qui dansent’, Balavoine

France - 2015

Premiere: 25/05/2012

Concept: La Verita Dance Company

Choreography:  Alex Kyriakoulis / Natasa Frantzi


Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi


Karina Rubi


Eric  Van Tichel, Günter Krämmer

Rolf K. Wegst


Berner Tanz Preise’  Konzert Theater Bern Switzerland - 2014) / ‘No Ballet’ Choreographic Competition, Theater im Pflazbau Ludwigshafen (Germany - 2013) / Machol Shalem’ International Choreographic Competition Jerusalem(Israel - 2013)

With the support: CC de Kollebloem Puurs (BE), La Barcarolle Centre Culturele (FR)

What can be hidden behind a body? When the wrapping comes off and the naked truth is revealed, is that enough to transfer its message? In the art of dance, without specific lighting, without music, without expression, can the body transfer the truth on its own? "Behind the Body" uses elements from the simplicity of minimalism and brings them face to face with the complexity of movement. This thought is the reason for starting a kinetic research based on the basic principles of choreography through contemporary dancing.   From nothing to plenty, from plenty to nothing, a piece of art, a comment on Today that allows the spectator to freely create his/her own stories from two bodies that are struggling to talk.

With this piece La Verita started a minimalist movement research, exploring the limits of what a single body can possibly say. Inspired by the current methods in contemporary dance, and the lack of pure movement, “Behind the body”questions if there is a dance language that we can still speak with.

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