La Verità Dance Company


Premiere: 30/09/2017

Concept: Jan Van Landeghem

Choreography:  Alex Kyriakoulis


Anais Van Eycken

Giada Gastioni

Kevin Franc

Natasa Frantzi

Live music:

Jan Van Landeghem - Orgel

Emilie De Voght - Sopraan

Jenny Spanoghe - Viool en Altviool

Landini strijkkwartet

Herwig Coryn - Cello

With the support:

Mechelen Conservatorium

The “Chansons de Fou” were composed using 7 poems from “Les Campagnes Hallucinées” by Emile Verhaeren.

The  “Chansons de Fou” were symbolic pamphlets, with a strong emotional charge that nevertheless bring a very contemporary message. Written in 1893 (the year that multiple voting rights were introduced), they carry in them the misery of the rural population. These dispossessed people fruitlessly sought their consolation in cities that were already rapidly expanding due to industrialisation.