La Verità Dance Company


Premiere: 03/02/2017


Natasa Frantzi, Alex Kyriakoulis


Anne Laure Dogot, Marcia Liu, Irini Tzanetoulakou, Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi

Music: Chris Christoffels & José Roland, Phillipe Ledent/ARTONAUT at studio THINKNTALK

Lights Design: Arne Lievens

Costumes: Jean-Paul Knott

Technical Assistant: Dimitri Reylandt

Photographer: Eric Van Tichel

Video: True Blue Vzw

Co-production : Le Bateau Feu / Scène Nationale Dunkerque (FR), La Barcarolle Centre Culturel (FR), Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg (DE).

This is a piece coming out of today’s reality. Curriculum Vitae describes the journey of a group of people who have to leave, or choose to leave their own country, for whatever reason. This process happens through three different levels: preparation, travel and arrival.

 Preparation in this discourse is to be understood physically as well as mentally. What is in their minds at that time? What can they do with their fears? And how can they escape from them? On the moment they do the next step, what is meaningful and what is meaningless? The travel is about to begin. There is this luggage, heavy with memories, light from the unknown tomorrow.

Moving from one country to another can change a life, and essentially, change a person. Sacrifice is a necessary evil. Is that something of yourself that existed or rather a feeling that was hidden deep inside of you? Denial comes first, then follow contrasts and false expectations.

You arrived… and now what? An unreal scenery, the new place is like all other places. Taking this decision for your own self, guilt is an inevitable companion along the way. What are the repercussions on the environment left behind? Is that a betrayal to the previous life?

You have become the audience of your own movie, watching every expectation land roughly on the earth. Somehow you need a clean sweep, a “catharsis”. You have to build again from the beginning. To transform liability into stability, demands calmness. You are now reborn.

How does a man, who already had a family, adjust to this new situation? How does a

woman, who already had a carrier, appropriates these new mentalities? Not why, but how do people digest the “new”?

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