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“Dare to be together” is a dance study on the evolution of human relations and the corresponding changes in the psychology of the people involved. Although humans seem to be functioning better and moving forward through relational processes, through proximity and exchange, the demand for individuality seems to always come up, almost inevitably, claiming satisfaction and the reins in every encounter. While it is true that each and every one of us essentially enters and leaves the complex ritual of existence alone, it is equally true that everyday living becomes possible thanks to the many ways in which we are aware of others and share with them the characteristics of our unique experience.
Choreography | Alex Kyriakoulis Performers | Noni Boufi, Petros Tsofillas, Katerina Mageraki Music / Cello | Alexandros Kasartzis Lights | Alex Kyriakoulis Production | La Verita Dance Company (BE) With the support | Dance Cultural Centre (GR), Arc for Dance Festival (GR)
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