Omne + Trium = Quatrum
La Verità Dance Company = Quatrum +


Premiere: 01.03.2019

OMNE + Trium = Quatrum is the new work of “La Verità Dance Company” that explores if we can achieve completeness by connecting three foundamental elements of dance: movement, music and space, with irrational way. Inspired by the philosophy of Dada, we create a real illogical collage of movement that eliminates the idea of Omne Trium Perfectum (everything that comes in 3 is perfect) by adding a fourth factor which came from the mathematic equation of the rule of three, the unknown X which maybe is defined as "perfect". A performance that takes everything for granted and nothing for sure, as the most acceptable system is to have no system.

Choreography:  Alex Kyriakoulis

Dramaturgy: Natasa Frantzi

Assistant Dramaturgy: Elias D’Hollander

Music Composition: Raoul Noplay

Performers: Astrid Sweeney, Natasa Frantzi


Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix (FR)

Centre Culturel Balavoine (FR)

Choreographisches Centrum of Heidelberg (DE)

With the support:

Conservatorium Mechelen (BE)

Culture Centrum Ter Dilft (BE)

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