La Verità Dance Company

Rule of Three

(15 min)

Premiere: 12/10/2016

Choreography:  Alex Kyriakoulis


Anna France, Hanne Aerts, Manouk Duchateau, Juliette Hendrickx, Marie Lembrechts, Dries Verstreepen, Yanaika Hublou, Emily Fonteyn, Alix Cammaert


johan Vaderdood, Joke van den Heuvel

With the support:

Lier Dans Academie (BE)

Everything that comes in three is perfect, is complete.

That project is a research about the number THREE and how a number is responsible for some of the main forces in the universe. The number three is everywhere around us, three is a sacred number in many religions, three is the number of good fortune, three is the number of the divine, three are the phases to the moon and three was the first true number as the Pythagoreans taught.

Choreography made for: Dans Academie Lier (BE)

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